Do you kiss your mother with those lips?

I'm surprised to say this. And Jennie totally thinks I'm nuts. But I actually dig Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny Trailer. I know, I know, everybody from Cannes says it sucks (har, har) and that the movie is unwatchable. And Gallo is an uber-schmuck in real life. Still, Gallo's got an arty eye to him and always uses fantastic music and the stupid thing just worked for me, split screen and all.

Speaking of, Gallo made one of my top 5 trailers of all time with his Buffalo '66 trailer (check it out here.) It's sheer beauty, there's not a word of dialogue. Just still frame pictures along to a groovin' Yes song. I beg off thee, watch it.

posted by drew on 11/18/2003

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