D'oh! They made REAL tomacco!

Every true blue fan of the Simpsons probably knows of the episode where Homer puts plutonium in his field and accidentally creates tomacco. Tomacco, the wonder crop that's a cross between a tomato and tobacco, and is both as Bart says "refreshingly addictive" and as Ralphie puts it "tastes like grandma". Who could resist such an item?

So this scientist who was also a Simpsons fan (a closet Professor Frink, I'll bet) made tomacco! I wonder if he first attempted to make hamburger earmuffs? The sad news is, it's probably "poisonous because it likely contains a lethal amount of nicotine." Guess there's no salad con Tomacco for Drew in the near future.

Although, from now on, I'm going to be extra cautious that my ketchup tastes in no way like grandma.

posted by drew on 11/08/2003

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