The Guardian Top 40 Directors misses a BIGGIE.

Anytime you make a list like The Guardian's Top 40 Best Directors (living), people are gonna bitch. It's the nature o' the beast. So, even though I was pleased with the top 3 containing the Coens, Scorsese, and Lynch, and the inclusion of faves like Jonze and the Andersons, something seemed amiss.

Sure, there were people I questioned being on the list at all (Noe? David O. Russell?) and people who I could make the argument that it was heresy that they were omitted (Aronofsky? De Palma?), but this was different. It gnawed at me that there was somebody missing. Somebody HUGE. Then it hit me.

No Steven Spielberg.

Not to get all Dawson Leery here, but that's just idiotic. Has he made some turkeys? You bet your ass he has. But he's also directed a lot of movies that are going to hold up through the decades. Raiders. E.T. Jaws. Close Encounters. Schindler's. Ryan. And then there's tons of other movies that a lot of people love. Look at his filmography! Even post 2000, he's arguably made two of the best science fiction movies of the new millenium, AI and Minority Report. Talk about the Rodney Dangerfield of filmmakers.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he should be #1 by a long shot. But he's gotta be in there somewhere. I've never heard anybody say "Hey, that Spielberg's okay, but he's no Todd Haynes (#16)." And I pray I never will.

posted by drew on 11/15/2003

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