The Reagans go the way of Baby Bob.

It would have been fun to have an office to pool to see exactly what time and date that CBS was going to wuss out and officially ice "The Reagans." I could've picked up a couple of bucks. So in case you didn't hear, it is official, poor Ron and Nancy have been banished to the land of Family Business and The Chris Isaak Show, otherwise known as Showtime.

I think it sucks.

I could go on a five page rant on exactly why it sucks, but I can whittle it down to this: It's a network tv movie! When you think of TV movie, do you think of quality and substance and prestige? Because I sure don't. I think of "ripped from the headlines" sludge or overly sentimental family values dreck. These movies typically star such headliners as Melissa Gilbert, Markie Post, or Kellie Martin. Impressive, no?

And besides the fact that network tv movies generally reek, this is simply a movie, and movies have no obligation to be 100% factually accurate. When it comes to real-life people and events, liberties are almost always taken. It's a given. Did A Beautiful Mind not deserve to win the Oscar because it changed some key things about John Nash's life? Nah. It didn't deserve to win because Ron Howard's schmaltzy direction! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, I don't go looking for factual accuracy in art (movies apply as art in my book), and I don't think anybody else should either. Because it ain't always accurate. All that I ask from my is art to entertain and/or provoke me in some way. Oh, and I also ask that my art doesn't star any former cast members of 90210.

posted by drew on 11/05/2003

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