Sadly, I took her to the prom.

Is there a weirder looking person than Fi-Fi? I didn't even know of her existence until I watched the Chris Cunningham DVD today. This kooky alien gal who sounds like Kelly MacDonald and looks like Bjork's little sister was in a Playstation commercial back in 2000. Since I've seen it, I haven't been able to sleep. I'm haunted by how far apart her eyes are!

Gotta give Cunningham credit where credit is due. Had to look it up to find out that she's a real person, but with digital f/x. This is what I do with my spare time, confirm the identities of people are possibly CGI. You really can't tell. He said they were going for "Kate Moss, Betty Boop, Bjork and a Victorian fairy". Mission accomplished. Check out what the real actress looks like. Would never know in a million years it was the same person.

So, why since I know that she's fake, does she torment me every time I close my eyes? Get outta my brain, Fi-Fi! You freak woman!

posted by drew on 11/24/2003

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