Would you like some mashed potato beer with that?

In a sign that the apocalypse is surely a comin', Jones Soda has come out with Turkey & Gravy Soda. The scarier thing is...I'm dying to try it. How can I possibly resist the allure of a Thanksgiving dinner in beverage form? It's an experience I'd be able to tell my future grandchildren about. I would make a t-shirt for them that says "My Grandpa survived Turkey & Gravy Soda and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

Look at me, already making t-shirts about a drink I can't even find anywhere. Oh cruel world, first I can't find Snapple's Apple Piedrink and now this. The beverage gods must hate me.

Hey, that reminds me of my first oddball soda I've ever had. It's called Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray. Do you know why it's called Cel-Ray? It's celery flavored. Yup, green can and everything. And it lived up to its promise, it tasted sort of like celery. Which, for a carbonated beverage, is FREAKIN' HORRIBLE. I don't think my taste buds have ever recovered from the green demon known as Cel-Ray.

And yet, I still crave Turkey and Gravy Soda. Can you spell masochist, boys and girls?

posted by drew on 11/21/2003

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