Apocalpyse, thy name is Tony.

Speaking of "bad" santas, did you see the USA is doing a bizarro version called Stealing Christmas? Similar deal, fella dresses up as Santa, but is really a criminal looking to rip off the joint. Except, well...look at him! Check out the travesty that is the trailer!

It's Tony freakin' Danza! And...and...he's clean! No drinking, no cussing, he seems relatively celibate and his Santa suit looks brand new! This is not a hardened criminal, this is the Hallmark Hall Of Fame version! His worst crime will probably be massacring the English language. Or missing his cues because his character's name isn't Tony in this flick. Feh. Billy Bob's Santa would wipe the floor with this hostess twinkie, vanilla, feel-good pseudo-bad Santa.

And if you want to be truly frightened, check out the comments on the IMDB about the movie. There's only 4, they're all glowing! And two of them use the phrase "underrated" when referring to Mr. Danza.

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now...

posted by drew on 12/14/2003

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