Hallelujah, a new way to kill time!

Every since I was a wee child, I've always been sort of jealous of those church signs I see everywhere with the catchy slogans squeezed into a limited space. I used to try doing the same on the fridge with my multicolored alphabet magnets, but the effect just wasn't the same. Besides, every time I used the fridge to snag a Laughing Cow cheese the letters would sliiiiiiide down. Bah.

Just because I'm not the proprietor of a place of worship, does this make me any less qualified to make a church sign? This is the sort of thing that contributes to my insomnia and general resentment of the world, I'll have you know.

So, when I saw that some brilliant soul put up a church sign generator where you can make your very own signs, I was filled with euphoria and quickly made one of my own. Just click the pic to make it bigger. A tad on the weak side, but trust me, my offensive ones that I didn't put up were much more amusing.

So now I've made a church sign and Lifelong Dream #3984 has come true. Now it's about time to Lifelong Dream #3985 to come true, for a Nathan's to open within 20 miles of my home. Some people aspire to be president, I aspire to eat multitudes of hot dogs and french fries that must be eaten with those red mini pitchfork thingies. I appreciate the simple things.

posted by drew on 12/09/2003

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