Leon 2: Can we try with real bullets now? (Warning: Leon Spoilers)

According to Natalie Portman, Luc Besson has written a sequel to his finest film Leon (known as The Professional to commonfolk), and it might be the next movie she does.

I don't have time for this Mickey Mouse bullsh*t!

This concept makes me cringe. The heart and soul of the movie was Leon, played to perfection as both sympathetic man-child and badass hitman supreme by Jean Reno. And as we all know, Leon is no' mo'. Let's let the fella rest in peace.

The Mathilda stuff was cute because she was a wee one who had the warm fuzzies for her Mr. Cleaner Man. To paraphase Trent in Swingers, she's all growns up, and she's all growns up. And Leon-less. Hell, even Oldman bit the big one so he can't be around to chew scenery. So what's the point in making a sequel?

Besson hasn't directed a movie since 1999, and that was the putrid Joan Of Arc flick. Luc, you're the fella who made beautiful movies like The Big Blue and La Femme Nikita. I have faith that you've got more great movies in you. So I beg of thee, take your time, and when you're ready, make another one. But don't be givin' us no recycled tripe like Leon 2, that's simply unacceptable. Here endeth the lesson.

posted by drew on 12/25/2003

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