Screw Roxie, I prefer Ms. Jones!

Wow! By way of Iblog, check out the difference between Renee during Oscar time last year and this month in these pictures! Not to get on my high horse or anything, but anybody who says that the Zellweg on the right is better looking than the one on the left is out of their freakin' mind!

Dostoyevsky once said "The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons." (See how smart a person can look by quoting the beginning of Con Air?) I'd like to add an addendum. I think the degree of civilization in a society can be also judged by looking at its taste in the female body form. How will the history books judge us, when they witness that many of us thought Lara Flynn Boyle was a hottie and that Kate Winslet was not?

Did you know that Terry Gilliam wanted Samantha Morton for his upcoming The Brothers Grimm movie? The Weinsteins vetoed it because, according to Morton, they said "the tops of my arms are too fat." That's just horrifying.

Like I used to say in my single days, I prefer my women to look like women, otherwise I'd just date twelve year old boys.

posted by drew on 12/10/2003

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