Sparkle Motion would have won the dance category...

For you fans of Donnie Darko out there, you'll be pleased to know that Gary Jules' Mad World is the #1 Christmas song in Britain this year! Is there a better melancholy song than this in recent memory? I think not. Listen for yourself by check out the live version (Real) or if you bop on down to Jules website, you can hear the tune as it was on the Darko soundtrack. Just play it on the upper right hard corner deally. You shan't be disappointed, I assure you.

You know what the sad thing is, though? I love the flick, and have already seen the movie a few times, and still, whenever I hear this song, it sort of bums me out. In a good way, though. There is no bigger wuss than Drew, for the record.

posted by drew on 12/22/2003

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