'Tis the season! The first awards have been dished out...

The first awards of the season have hit via the National Board Of Review (see the list of winners) and it's not only award season, but whining season. Whining by me. Well, first the whining that I haven't seen enough of these movies/performances since I'm locationally challenged. But then about the choices. Instead of taking forever on each one, I'll run 'down some of the biggies super-briefly:

Best Picture: Mystic River. Feh. Overrated tripe. I was hoping for American Splendor or Lost In Translation to win. If this wins the Oscar I'm going to hang myself.

Best Actor: Sean Penn. Meh. Love him, haven't seen 21 Grams, thought he was okay in River. Had my fingers crossed for Paul Giamatti in American Splendor.

Best Actress: Diane Keaton. No freakin' way. I just can't believe she was so great. We'll see. I wanted Whale Rider girl or Rampling for Swimming Pooh. Bah.

Best Supp. Actor: Alec Baldwin. Dunno. To tell you the truth, I haven't seen anbody that knocked my socks off this year. Yet. Maybe Joe in The Station Agent.

Best Supp. Actress: Patricia Clarkson. Woo-hoo! No problemos whatsoever. She's superb. Yay for her.

And they special awards for Morgan Freeman, Norman Jewison, and Sofia Coppola, which they deserve, so that's music to my ears.

Well, I'm gonna stop now, or I'll wind up writing a freakin' Michener book. I'll write more about this stuff when I've seen more of the flicks, honest...

posted by drew on 12/03/2003

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