'Tis the season for intoxicated Santies!

In celebration of the Bad Santa screenplay making its debut online, I present to you the Sober Santa 2 game. I'm usually not so into flash-related games, but this one features a drinking, smoking, farting Santa, and you really don't see that every day. Plus, as he get drunker, it gets progressively more difficult to move Mr. Kringle around the room without getting electrocuted by the train track. And how many times can you utter a sentence like that in your lifetime?

I'll admit it, 'tis immature fun, especially if you think of him as Billy Bob as you play. All they need to do now is make a sequel game where they add profanity and a love for sizeable derrieres, and it could become the most popular Christmas game ever!

And people say I lack the Christmas spirit.

posted by drew on 12/14/2003

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