What would Mr. Zero think?

I can think of few concepts more horrifying than the thought of Alyson Hannigan and Luke Perry doing a stage version of When Harry Met Sally, but that's exactly what's happening.

First they desecrate the memory of The Graduate by using the pie-poker Jason Biggs as Benjamin, and now Hannigan is playing Sally? I even like Hannigan, but she's super-wrong as Ms. Albright. How can she possibly play Sally at her oldest? She's only a hair away from still playing teenagers! And what's with American Pie folks massacring classic film on stage, anyway? Is a Broadway version of Taxi Driver around the corner starring Stifler?

But obviously, the biggest travesty is Luke Perry playing the Billy Crystal role. They're about as interchangeable as Paris Hilton and Janeane Garofalo! What the heck are they thinking? Do they have anything in common? Has Luke Perry ever shown that he's...oh, what's the word...FUNNY? How can he possibly deliver a "ride me big Sheldon" speech? How is anybody ever going to care about these two getting together?

This is more horrible news than finding out your fiance owns a wagon wheel table!

posted by drew on 12/29/2003

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