Who ARE these drones?

I was surprised to see that Jerry Seinfeld, after killing time for years now, is doing an animated movie for Dreamworks about a society of bees. It's quite an original concept, don't you think? A famous Jewish comedian is doing the voice for a Dreamworks project about insects. I just don't know why that rings a bell to me.

Actually, between Woody as "Z", Albert Brooks as Marlin, and now Seinfeld as a bee, I'm seeing a bit of trend starting here. I'm glad Hollywood is finally starting to realize that my people are funny. I nominate Larry David or Garry Shandling as the next in line to be made into witster giraffes or sarcastic marmots or something of the like.

Hey Jerry, why not quit screwing around in the yellowjacket world, and do some more Seinfeld already? You've obviously got time on your hands, George sold his soul to KFC and mortgaged his dignity with Shallow Hal, Elaine flopped hard with Chasing Ellie, and whatever the heck Kramer has been doing didn't even show up on the radar. Get the gang back together!

Was the last season of Seinfeld as good as the earlier seasons? Heck no. Is mediocre Seinfeld better than 98% of what's on television? You betcha. It would be the greater comeback of all time! In case you're wondering, I am fully aware I'm just fantasizing here. It ain't ever gonna happen. Feh.

At least put the freakin' thing out on DVD already...

posted by drew on 12/10/2003

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