Yet another thing I want yet cannot have...

Drool. On Being Charlie Kaufman, I read that there's a joint that actually sells these figures, imported from Japan. They got the hairline right, and even added sweat beads on Charlie's forehead, such attention to detail! How freakin' cool would it be to have Charlie and Donald Kaufman sitting on mantle with my Reservoir Dogs figures. Magnolia frog, and Being John Malkovich nesting dolls?

Cool to me and Jennie, that is, I'm sure to the average person our mantle would scream something to the effect of "DORK!" But anybody who doesn't at least respect our love of film would never be allowed to enter the premises and slander our movie paraphernalia. Tourists.

Anyway, even though they sort of resemble the California Raisins, I'd snag these puppies in a heartbeat if they weren't, I know know, fifty bucks. Bah, what a bummer. I really should learn from the Buddhists and achieve freedom from desire.

Hey, that reminds me of that great episode of the Simpsons when Richard Gere, asked by Lenny who Buddha is, replied "It's a good thing Buddhism teaches freedom from desire because I've got the desire to kick your ass!" Major points for Gere being able to laugh at himself.

posted by drew on 12/11/2003

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