Entries would triple if it were a brown bunny.

From Heaneyland, I recently learned that Beck is having a contest where he's giving away the cute l'il bunny from the Lonesome Tears video. All the winner has to do is write the Beckster on why he/she deserves to snag the hare. Well, dammit, I knew right then and there that I must have this bunny! It will give my life meaning. I will love him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George.

So I mosied on down to Beck's site and wrote a letter that's guaranteed to make me a proud bunny owner:

Dear Beck,

I'm chilling out here, drinking some wine, grooving to Madame Butterfly and I figured it would be a good time to beseech you to give me your bunny. You see, my boyfriend Dan has an androgynous daughter named Ellen who really, really loves bunnies. But, you see, Dan hasn't been paying much attention to me of late. Seems he's too busy with his "wife" and "child" to give me some of that wild monkey love in a sink we used to have.

And I just need to steer his attention back towards me, you know? And what better way to get Dan's priorities in order than with a bunny, courtesy of the true love of his life. Me. I'm carrying his baby, I'll have you know. And I'm not really big on the whole "being ignored" thing. So, I'd truly appreciate it if you can send that bunny my way as soon as possible. Toodles!

Alex Forrest

P.S. You wouldn't be able to throw a pot along with my prize, would you? Just curious.

posted by drew on 1/31/2004

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