Howie, the Ninja Slayer

I saw this rumor a while back, that Howard Dean was in Ninja 3: The Domination back in '84. Seemed like it must be hooey, some sort of kooky urban legend that gained a little steam because there is a Howard Dean listed on the IMDB in both the Ninja flick, and as himself on K Street last year. Gotta be two people with the same name, that's all, I figured. But 'twas a pleasant thought nonetheless, the Democratic nominee whuppin' some ninja butt, chuckin' stars and bustin' out the nunchucks in a schlocky 80's action flick.

Then in Salon today, there's a story about it, with a flat out denial from a spokesman and it pretty much concluded it was not him. Sigh. Way to burst my bubble, guys. But the story also had a clip (here) of this doppleganger, this pseudo-Howard Dean.

I'll be damned if it doesn't sound just like Howard Dean. And he doesn't quite look like him, but at the same time, it doesn't look like it's not him. And this is twenty years ago, need I remind you. The story did the exact opposite of what it was trying to do, instead of convincing me it's not Howard, it's got me thinking maybe, just maybe, it really is him. After all, Howard himself hasn't denied it yet, just a mouthpiece for the campaign did. I'm keeping my options open 'til I hear it from the horse's mouth.

And Howard, I'm really good at keeping secrets. You can tell me if it really is you, and I won't tell a soul. Honest.

posted by drew on 1/08/2004

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