Making fun of dead people simply isn't nice.

Especially if they die from plastic surgery, as Olivia Goldmith, author of The First Wives Club, did. The First Wives Club, which pokes fun at plastic surgery, I'll have you know. So I'll show restraint here, I promise. But I have to admit, there were two things hit me immediately upon hearing the news.

(1) Didn't she see Lovely And Amazing? Brenda Blethyn's plight in that film should turn anybody off against plastic surgery, no? Perhaps there should be a law that forces people to watch Lovely And Amazing before attempting any cosmetic surgery. Or maybe do a double dip of Lovely And Amazing and Requiem For A Dream to all 3rd grade kids, we'll have a more natural looking and drug-free next generation, guaranteed.

(2) I'll bet Meg Ryan won't sleep a wink tonight.

posted by drew on 1/17/2004

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