This sucks.

According to Page 6, Chloe Sevigny has been dropped from her agency because of her 'heady' role in Vincent Gallo's upcoming Brown Bunny. Since they considered the role as "one step above pornography, and not a very big one", they think her career is tainted and may never recover.

That's ridiculous.

Have you ever seen Chloe's filmography? Her first movie role was an HIV-positive teenager who gets raped whilst sleeping in the uber-scarring Kids. She got nominated for an Oscar for getting it on with Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry. She's degraded herself in bizarro roles in multiple Harmony Korine films. All she does is small, independent stuff, you morons! How can they possibly imply that directors like Steve Buscemi, Mary Harron, and Lars Von Trier aren't going to hire her because she took a controversial role?

If the Olsen twins starred in Bound, that would probably hurt their career, since they've got the whole family values thing going on. But dropping Chloe makes as much sense as if somebody were to tell Harvey Keitel a few years back that he wasn't going to get work if he showed l'il Harv on the big screen. 'Cuz that really hurt his career, no?


posted by drew on 1/01/2004

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