And I feeeeeel, like I shouldn't laugh.

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.But damned if this little 10 second video didn't make my morning. See for yourself, and be sure to have the volume on. For as we all know from the Quizno's commercials, the audio is half the fun.

I'm still in shock than in 10 seconds, it has perfectly captured the feeling I have working in a crowded office with certain people who truly do sing songs like Madonna's Ray Of Light out loud or have full-on conversations with themselves all day long, Milton-style. And for any of my co-workers reading this, I'm not talking about you guys, silly. I'm talking about those other guys. You know, those annoying ones on the other side of the building. Those guys. Not you.

Note to self: Bring unabridged dictionary to work tomorrow. (Link via Celebral Clutter.)

posted by drew on 2/19/2004

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