If Lost In Translation had been directed by Ridley Scott?

What do you call people who dig watching trailers for movies not in their native tongue without dubbing or subtitles so they're basically clueless as to what they're watching? I call them Mel Gibson true movie geeks, a badge of honor that I, myself, wear with pride. Lest you think I mock.

So with that in mind, why not check out the eye-candy that is the Casshern trailer and see what you non-film geeks are missing? The look is like a mix between a Terry Gilliam and a Paul Verhoeven flick. Or maybe Ridley Scott crossed with Luc Besson. It ain't Noah Baumbach, I can tell you that much. And I've been to Prague.

Anyhoo, according to FilmForce, it's based on the anime series Casshan: Robot Hunter, and it's about a pollution control robot that goes bad (don't they always?) and attempts to enslave mankind. Guess humankind still hasn't learned from the lessons of Robocop's Ed 209, Judge Dredd, and A.I.'s Haley Joel Osment. Okay, maybe Osment didn't turn bad in Artificial Intelligence. But c'mon, watch him smush those doppleganger Haley Joels again and tell me couldn't have turned on us in a heartbeat. Let me tell ya though, I learn from cinematic history and indecipherable Japanese trailers.

Which is why I'll never let a Roomba enter my humble abode. Ever. Sure, they're supposedly robotic vacuum cleaners created to suck dust and schmutz off the floor, but I just know while they sleep they dream of sucking the marrow out of my bones.

posted by drew on 2/25/2004

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