She lost me at "Hello? I've EARNED it."

Just walk away, Renee.Renee, Renee, Renee. What could you possibly have been thinking when you told that News journalist that you deserve to win the Oscar this year? I'm simply baffled. Let's analyze the direct quote, shall we?

"I've certainly earned the award. Last year I was nominated for Chicago but I left empty-handed."

And she added she is confident, saying: "I think this year Hollywood will be fair."

Was she speaking in jest? Is she really under the delusion that she deserved to win Best Actress last year? I think a certain Empire Records alum needs to swing by the local Blockbuster and rent a little movie called The Hours, starring her "true friend", Nicole Kidman. I have to assume she hasn't seen it yet, for if she had, she'd certainly know that her performance wasn't even in the same ballpark as Kidman's. Nicole didn't just win by a nose. Har har. And I'm not even a big Kidman or Hours fan, but come on, Roxie Hart had nothin' on Virginia Woolf last year.

And about the "this year Hollywood will be fair" line, I actually have to side with Renee and her idealism. I, too, hope Hollywood will be fair in the Best Supporting Actress category. So, with fairness in mind, I have to assume she's with me in rooting for Shohreh Aghdashloo for her incredible performance in House Of Sand And Fog. I take comfort in the thought that both Renee and I have been going to sleep at night hoping for fairness to prevail.

Maybe when our combined powers of persuasions are finished getting Shohreh the Academy Award, L'il Miss Humility and I will work on that whole Israel/Palestine thing.

posted by drew on 2/21/2004

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