This smells better than dried mustard and bubble gum!

This, be warned, is going to be a geeky post. But every time I hear new casting news on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I continue to be a happy camper. First, the casting of Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office) as Arthur Dent was pitch-perfect. Between The Office and Hitchhiker's, he's sure getting the primo roles, no? Then they throw Mos Def in as Ford Prefect, and man, that's some ballsy casting. I'm confident he's got the chops to pull it off. And I'll watch Zooey Deschanel (Trillian) in just about anything. She's one of those people who and add a little zing to every flick they're in.

And then the topper, my man Sam Rockwell has signed on, snagging the role away from the not-so-reliable Robert Downey Jr.! Are they just trying to please me, personally? Instead of WWJD, are they like, WWDD? I can just imagine the conversation over at casting:

Exec #1: We were thinking of going with Mena Suvari as Trillian. The kids love her, plus she looked super-hot in that cheerleader getup in American Beauty.

Exec #2: Are you mad? Drew loathes her very existence. Try again, buddy.

Exec #1: How does Drew feel about Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Exec #2: To quote Scent Of A Woman, he would take a flamethrower to this place.

Exec #1: What about that girl from Almost Famous and The Good Girl? You know, the sarcastic one, big eyes?

Exec #2: Drew will be mighty pleased. Perhaps this will help us in our goal to win his forgiveness for considering casting Beyonce Knowles as Lois Lane.

On a serious note, it's really a bummer that Douglas Adams won't be around to see
the finished product. Adams dies at 49, but Jack Valenti is still alive and kicking at 83. Not that I want Jack Valenti to expire, don't get me wrong. But retire? You betcha.

posted by drew on 2/08/2004

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