Charlize, that's not what they mean by "an apple a day..."

This sort of creativity would impress Jeff Spicoli.Charlize Theron & lighter & sucking on apple=?

Well, I'm certainly not going to say that the Oscar winning star has made herself a cutesie l'il apple bong. For that would be libelous and wrong. And so out of character for me. You can judge for yourself by looking at a bigger picture of Charlize and this alleged apple pipe, which I'm not saying it is.

Heck, maybe she was about to light the stem and make a homemade birthday apple for a loved one. Or perhaps she was doing a mime of Brad Pitt as Floyd in True Romance. Or...ummm...she was making hot apple cider in some quirky South African way?

But still, who am I to determine what, if anything, she is doing with that forbidden fruit? You know, she could just be eating it while smoking her cigarette at the same time. But one word of advice, if I may, Ms. Theron.

Don't bogart the Golden Delicious. (Link/pic via New Yorkish)

posted by drew on 3/06/2004

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