Che WHAT, Terrence?

The face that launched a thousand t-shirtsTruth be told, I was pretty darn excited when I read a while back that Terrence Malick was going to make a movie about Che Guevara. Because, I must confess, I didn't know much about Che outside of the fact that he was a Latin American revolutionary and seemed to adorn t-shirts of people that I thought were pretty cool, if not a hair on the kook side. So I figured I could be entertained and heck, learn a little along the way. And the fact that Benicio Del Toro was playing the lead role and Javier Bardem and Franka Potente had supporting roles only sweetened the deal.

So imagine my dismay when I read that Mr. Malick, now affectionately referred to by me as "the bastard", is shelving the project for a year! And is he shelving it to make an even grander project? A fresh tale that will scintillate me like no project in the history of cinema, perhaps?

He's making Poca-FREAKING-hontas. Because that's a story that I've never heard before. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure he'll do a different take on the story, and Colin Farrell is a good choice as anybody to play John Smith, but c'mon, Pocahontas? I'll step out on a limb here and declare that any subject matter already covered by Disney is not exactly fresh material.

And you know the ironic part? Malick says he intends to return and direct Che in 2005. Let's look at the last 3 movies he made, and the dates involved, shall we?

Thin Red Line, The (1998)
Days of Heaven (1978)
Badlands (1973)

So he's saying that sure, he took 20 years in between Days And Thin Red, and it'll be at least a 7 year window in between Thin Red and this Pocahontas flick, but now, he's gonna make two movies in two years?

I truly believe that this is going to occur.

I also believe that Michael Medved's favorite movie of this year is going to be
Kill Bill 2.

posted by drew on 3/09/2004

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