Finally, the answer to everybody's question about Lost In Translation!

Ring-a-ding-ding!You know, whenever I'm shooting the breeze with a person who has seen the mighty fine Sofia Coppola sophomore effort Lost In Translation, I'm always asked the same question. And that question is "Sir, if you're not going to purchase anything, could you please step aside?"

Oh yeah, and I also get the "What did Bill Murray whisper in Scarlett Johansson's ear?" inquiry. And I fully admit, it's sort of fun to come up with various things he might have said like "I'm sorry about Osmosis Jones", "Did you know Jude Law shares the same hairline as I?" or "Screenshots of your tush are going to spread on the internet quicker than the MyDoom worm." But it's just like "What's in the briefcase?" question for Pulp or the "Does Kris Kristofferson intend to bump off Strathairn and company in Limbo?", we're never really gonna know; it's left up to our imaginations.

And though many people whine about not being told everything, I appreciate that sort of thing. I don't need everything spelled out for me. Call me crazy, but I'm the sort of fella that thinks that Frailty would have been a much better movie had it been left more ambiguous.

Now, with all that said, I found (via Heaneyland) where a writer for the NY Times had gone through the effort to translate what the director of the Suntory Time commercial was actually saying to Bob during the commercial shoot. It's a pretty entertaining read, so check it out and see what was, of course, lost in translation.

Oh, and for the record, Anna Faris was obviously doing a spoof that was based, at least partially, on Cameron Diaz. Don't let everybody's denials fool you, they're just being nice. Do I have irrefutable proof to back this up?

To quote my sadistic seventh grade algebra teacher, "shut up, that's my proof."

posted by drew on 3/03/2004

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