I'd like the F word with a side of C, please.

You should see him after a few zimas.There are a few things that give me joy in life, besides, y'know, love and all that fun stuff. And one of those things is watching people swear. There's just something so pure and wonderful and soul-cleansing about letting some bad words fly. Wasn't that the true appeal of Q*bert, after all? C'mon, I'll bet if people were polled anonymously, they'd confess that their favorite part of watching Inside The Actor's Studio is seeing what the actors say their #1 swear word is. And their least favorite moment would be hearing James Lipton pronounce the name "Bernard Pivot".

There is a point to this. Britain's Channel 4 has an advert (see, I'm even pickin' up on the lingo here) featuring actors proclaiming their favorite obscenities. Could this be more custom made for Drew? In America, we go on the express train back to the 1950's because of a boob, and over in England, they've got commercials with
more cussing than Melanie Griffith after a bender. Go figure.

So check it out, and bask in the joy that is profanity. And in case you were wondering, my personal fave is Richard Schiff (aka Toby on West Wing) saying "motherf*cking c*cksucker", followed closely by Peter Krause (Nate on Six Feet Under) uttering "insufferable c*ck". Because I'm mature like that.

Here's a list of more actors' profanities-o-choice, including my own top choice by Jack Lemmon. I'm proud to have provided some choice potty mouth for your perusal today.

Link via Metafilter.

posted by drew on 3/17/2004

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