Jackie O vs. Victor Frankenstein?!?

You be him and I'll be her.According to Coming Soon, Parker Posey is going to star in the USA Network show Frankenstein, playing "a female cop who unravels the myth of Frankenstein, alongside her partner, through a seemingly standard homicide investigation. The weekly series finds doctor Victor Frankenstein and his creature residing in present-day Seattle, having survived the past two centuries through the doctor's genetic tinkering."


I've got so many problems with this. First off, to be anal retentive, "a female cop"? It's Parker Posey. Call me crazy, but it's 2004, perhaps it's about time to lose the "female" every time we mention the cootie-laden creatures known as girls along with jobs that were solely male in the 1950's.

But that's just nitpicking. The main thing is that I love Parker Posey. She was the indie slacker queen there for many years, starring in many a fine film like Dazed And Confused, Party Girl, The Daytrippers, Clockwatchers, House Of Yes, yadda yadda. This is where her strength lies, being unmotivated, sarcastic, disaffected, and perhaps a tinge on the crazy side. Why do I want to see her as a cop tracking down Frankenstein of all things? I have a sneaking suspicion she's not going to be an unmotivated, sarcastic, disaffected, perhaps crazy slacker cop.

Not that I'm not all for breaking into drama at some point, but for a USA series about a modern day Frankenstein chillin' with his creature in a rainy city filled with flannel and overpriced beverages bearing pretentious latin names? She can do better, I'm sure of it. Besides, why is Doc Frank living with the creature in the emerald city? Aren't they, you know, mortal enemies now? Are they now living together all Perfect Strangers style? Or do they look more like this? Either way, sounds a tad on the schlock side to me.

Although, since they haven't cast her sidekick yet, I suggest this fella.

posted by drew on 3/22/2004

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