Say Anything 2: Joe Still Lies (When He Cries)

She so crazy.Watch: A Slipping Down Life Trailer (Quicktime).

Remember way back in 1989 when Lili Taylor was in Say Anything as Corey, the "ugly duckling" teenager who was kookily obsessed with a handsome fella who was obviously an overrated ass? She wrote those crazy songs with titles like "Joe Lies", and uttered poignantly insane things to him "You invade my soul".

Flash-forward to 2004, and coming soon to a theater near you is "A Slipping Down Life", featuring Lili Taylor as an "ugly duckling" teenager who's kookily obsessed with a handsome fella who's obviously an overrated ass. Okay, maybe she ain't a teenager in this one, but this really looks like it's got one of those gag-inducing "Walk To Remember" kind of vibes. Plus, if you look on Amazon, almost every description of the book starts with "Evie Decker is a shy, slightly plump teenager." So there. Lili Taylor is 37 years old now, and the poor thing still gets roles like this. Patrick Fugit, beware.

Anyhoo, from the trailer, it appears to be one of those cookie-cutter flicks where girl obsesses on boy, boy doesn't know girl exists, girl carves boy's name into her forehead, boy then pays attention to girl and matures, realizing things like 'you make me feel like I can be myself." Oh, and Irma P. Hall makes a green, smiling tuna casserole that looks sort of like the birthday cake Geena Davis might make for her spawn in The Fly. Yawn.

Besides, that whole "engraving their name into your forehead" thing doesn't work at all. Believe me, I've had Bananarama on mine for years, and do they ever have the common courtesy to contact me in any way? I mean, besides to renew the restraining order? I'll bet Jerry Maguire would have been a better flick had Renee Zellweger engraved the name "Jerry" in her forehead to get his attention/pity. Then the irritating kid could have said to Tom Cruise "Did you know a human head weighs eight pounds? P.S. My mom's human head has your name on it. P.S.S. Call child services."

posted by drew on 3/27/2004

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