The #1 controversial film about a misunderstood Carpenter!

Not that carpenter, silly rabbit. I'm talking about Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, the super-brilliant yet "illegal" 1987 Todd Haynes movie featuring a cast of Barbie dolls. That kind of casting really saves on catering bills. Remember, this dark satire is pre-internet boom; one could argue that it's the granddaddy of all all those "Exorcist starring bunnies," and "Thriller done with Legos" creations. It must be seen to be believed.

Thanks to Illegal Art, arguably the coolest site on the net, you can actually watch this movie online. I'll still never quite understand how these guys beat the man and manage to provide such priceless yet touchy artifacts (for free, no less) like DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album, and all of the corporate parodies, but we should all kiss the ground they walk on for doing what they do. I certainly have for a while now.

My sole regret is that I used to be the cool kid on the block because I was the proud owner of a bootleg of this flick; people would flock from miles around to see it. Also, my folks had a swimming pool. But people liked me for my personality, my mom frequently assured me of this. Now I am poolless, and any schlub off the street can watch Superstar online; nobody's come knocking on my door for eons.

Methinks it's time to put a moonwalk in my backyard.

Related tune: Close To You by the Carpenters (mp3 via Filebox.)

posted by drew on 4/09/2004

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