He should have also bailed once he heard Renee's singing voice.

So, I've been thinking about how I feel about John C. Reilly quitting Lars Von Trier's Manderlay (story) in protest over a scene where they slaughter a donkey for din-din. And my verdict? Good for him!

I'm not Kim Basinger or anything, I've been known to down my share of bacon cheeseburgers. But it's two thousand and freakin' four now, and I really don't see what the point of killing an animal on-screen is. Unless that animal is Chris O'Donnell. Seriously though, why not just fake it? If their "puppet" didn't cut it, they could have always done it off screen and just inserted Nancy Allen screaming or something. Think of Reservoir Dogs, there's oodles of scenes that were super-effective because a disturbing act was done off-screen; the imagination is always king in the "eesh" department. C'mon, would Trier's oh-so-precious realism really be drained from the flick because of a feigned donkey massacre?

And did you see the weak-assed excuse the spokewoman used about how since the donkey was going to slaughtered anyhow, "this poor donkey lived two more months than it would have otherwise." What kind of flawed logic is that? In the human sense, it would like Scorsese taking a prisoner off death row and letting Bill The Butcher carve him up on screen and then saying "Hey, he would've died anyway, right?"

So hats off to John C. Reilly for taking a stand for what he believes in. I think Jen and I will do a little marathon of State Of Grace, Hard Eight, and Magnolia and eat some donkey birthday cake in his honor this weekend.

Related tune: Why by Annie Lennox (stream via Bearzcave.)

posted by drew on 4/29/2004

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