"I despise you, Mr. Trier!"-Bjork

There's definitely definitely definitely some logic in this human.Usually it's a sure sign to up my meds when I find myself thinking on the same wavelength as Bjork, but I'm gonna stick out my neck and say that I actually agree with her on this one. The latest Newsweek has an interview with Lars The Impaler, where he lamented that "Every morning, she said 'I despise you, Mr. Trier', and spit on the ground."

Call it an eery coincidence, but I happen to do the same exact thing whenever I see Breaking The Waves or Dancer In The Dark at the local video store. They're not so fond of my desecrating their floors, but hey, I'm not so fond of Lars von Trier, so we're even-steven in my book.

It's the whole Dogme 95 thing; I find it pretentious, cumbersome, and well...uninteresting. In case you don't know the ins and outs of Dogme, here's a quick primer. Back in 1995, when Keyser Soze ruled the world with a mighty fist, Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg got together and decided to "rescue" cinema with a new manifesto and a 10 point vow of chastity:

1) Shooting must be done on location
2) The sound must never be done apart from the images
3) The camera must be hand-held
4) The film must be in color
5) Optical work and filters are forbidden
6) The film must not contain superficial action (murders, weapons must not occur)
7) The film must take place in the here and now
8) Genre movies are not acceptable
9) Film format must be Academy 35mm
10) The director must not be credited

Hey guys, how about a new set of guidelines where everybody has to be standing on one leg while speaking only in aramaic in front of a white curtain, and the characters can never look at one another? Rules, schmules. Yeah, yeah, Trier isn't strictly adhering to the rules anymore, but his whole style still reeks of the thing. Good movies are good movies, there's no need for vows of chastity in order to achieve 'em. Hell, I think I had to sign a vow of chastity in junior high, and I haven't made a single good movie since. In retrospect, that may have been a different vow.

As John Travolta opined in Pulp Fiction, there's Beatles people and Elvis people. And the same goes with Dogme, everybody falls on one side of the other. Obviously, I fall in the "I'll pass" category.

But all you Dogme and Trier fans out there, we can still be friends. Just don't be inviting me over to watch Julien Donkey Boy (Dogme movie #6, for the record), that's all I ask.

posted by drew on 4/03/2004

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