If you plan on buying Kill Bill tomorrow, a word of advice from Uncle Drew.

Don't. Well...I mean, at least don't until I remind you a QT quote from 6 months ago.

"I'm gonna really play fair as far as the DVD's concerned, you know? We'll come up with separate DVDs for Volume 1 and Volume 2 and I'll do special stuff for each of those. Then we'll come up with a real big version with them both together but I won't repeat the special stuff I put on Volume 1 and Volume 2. I'll do something whole other from that. I might even do some other little movie thing just to go on that special double feature version."

He's going the Rings route...that's direct from the horse's mouth in an interview with Empire. And the special features on this one coming up tomorrow are basically squat. So I just want you to make an informed decision; yes, I care about you that much. But at the same time, I ain't your momma. If you want to buy the dvd tomorrow knowing a much better one is coming, I'm not gonna ground you or anything.

But no dessert for a week.

Related tune: Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda (mp3 via LevNET.)

posted by drew on 4/12/2004

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