The mouthbreathers just Agnes of Godded all over Wonderfalls!

Goodbye my baby, goodbye my honey...Translation: Fox just cancelled Wonderfalls.

You know, I actually watched all four episodes of this show, and I found it pretty damn well written for network televison. Jaye's personality was sort of reminiscent of Ghost World's Enid, if Enid had gone to college and then took a retail job, instead of taking the bus o' death (or hope, depending on how you read that flick.)

Can't you just hear Enid belting out a line like "Yes, but maybe she's just a lazy whore. That happens, right? They can't all have hearts of gold and good work ethics." & "Yeah, missionary man. Where do you get off browbeating a hooker? Jesus was nice to prostitutes!" Whore jokes are always the most direct way to Drew's heart.

But alas, there shall be ho jokes no mo'. I won't even go into some diatribe about how quality television is never given a shot anymore, Seinfeld wouldn't make it these days, poor Sports Night, blah blah blah. It's all been said. I shan't cry over spilled milk, although I've spent my lifetime perfecting the craft of whining over it. If there's one silver lining to this whole mess, it's that they shot thirteen episodes, so hopefully it'll show up on DVD or Trio one day.

Or I'm cracking skulls!

posted by drew on 4/04/2004

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