The Ring 2: Here today, gone Samara.

Samara needs a new 'doWow, that's a painful title. But my other choice was "Samara To Ring 2 Producers: Everyone Will Suffer."

Maybe I should leave some posts untitled.

According to Filmforce, Daveigh Chase, everybody's favorite member of Sparkle Motion, has officially declared that she ain't doing the Ring 2 sequel because "because she didn't feel her involvement was essential - her appearances in the script are few and brief, and her face isn't even shown."

Translation: They probably tried to lowball her pay into a Love-A-Lot Care Bear and a case of Chewy Spree. First Gore Verbinski jumps ship to the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel, replacement Noam Murro bails, and now Samara's gone; poor Naomi Watts is left holding the proverbial bag. And like a bag whose contents are a neglected egg-salad sandwich out in room temperature for too long, the bag is starting to stink up the joint.

Betcha Naomi never signs on to a sequel again until the other major players are signed on as well. So I'm confident there's zero chance of a King Kong 2: Resurrection starring Naomi Watts, but directed by Antoine Fuqua and co-starring Joseph Fiennes and Jet Li.

Related tune: Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult (Windows Media via Trixie.)

posted by drew on 4/09/2004

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