The sweetest cin (-o-matic)

Sigh...there's probably a special spot in hell reserved in my name for the sin of referring to a Jessica Simpson song title.

Anyhoo, I stumbled upon a nifty new site called cin-o-matic, and it seems to be a Metacritic/Rotten Tomatoes rival for the more anal-retentive crowd. And belonging to the more anal-retentive crowd, I say this as a compliment. Takes half a second to sign up, it's free as a bird, and you can figure out what movie to see this weekend (theatrical or video) by sorting past/current/future releases at least twenty different ways. It's pure and untainted, with not a single Girl Next Door Flash ad or any advertising at all, for that matter. I suspect this shall change soon.

So, I wondered to myself, what's the top rated movie by the New York Times that I could mosey on down and see this very day at my local theater? And sadly, the answer is Never Die Alone, starring the excruciating pair of DMX and David Arquette, which got an 8 (they translate everybody's rating to the 1-10 scale) according to the uber hit-or-miss Elvis Mitchell. Elvis, how can I trust you any more? Your taste has left the building.

Even my gripes with the site are pretty minor. As of right now, there's only two major first-run theaters within 10 minutes of me, and cin-o-matic doesn't recognize the existence of one of them. Which is a bummer. Also, the database of current theatrical releases is pretty hefty, but on the DVD side it shows only 5 releases last Tuesday. And a quick glance at Reel shows more than four times that number. Oh, and I wish they had more than 18 different critics to sort by. I mean, Maxim? can only search by movie title, it would be nice to be able to search by actor/director/etc.

Sheesh, my semi-gripes make it seem like I'm bashing the thing now. But I'm really not, it's a brand new site and I'll betcha they're still in tweak-mode. So once they get their ducks in a row (i.e. kneel before Drew's suggestions), it shall earn the rank of the few, the proud, the collection of Drew's bookmarks.

Related tune: Logical by Supertramp (mp3 via Trixie.)

posted by drew on 4/15/2004

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