You've seen Tiger, now see the Lamb.

Have you seen the new poster for Jim Caviezel's next movie, The Passion of Bobby Jones Bobby Jones, Stroke Of Genius? Gee, I can't possibly understand why they would use the catchphrase "His passion made him a legend. " It made me wonder...were there other lines that they considered before coming up with this one? So, being the Nancy Drew that I am, I managed to dig up the 5 slogans that were rejected by marketing before they settled on this one. These are super-secret, so let's keep this on the down low.

1. If you thought water into wine was impressive, just watch him take 15th in two.
2. You came for the divinity, you'll stay for the golf.
3. Why hath his 9 iron forsaken him?
4. Let he who is without sin get to ride in the golf cart.
5. Don't worry, we didn't allow Jews on golf courses in the 20's.

Poster image via Coming Soon.

Related tune: I'm Alright by Kenny Loggins (Real clip)

posted by drew on 4/10/2004

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