Dakota and Tom sittin' in a tree...

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a catchy title, much better than, say, The Girl Who Was Somewhat Indifferent About Dennis Eckersley. It features a "plucky" nine year old girl, so it was pretty much a given that they were going to cast Dakota Fanning when they turned it into a flick. She's pretty much cornered the market on her age group; I'm sure there's thousands of kiddie actresses of her age out there that aren't going to invite her to their birthday party.

Be forewarned, I'm about to say a couple of things that may be perceived as a bit negative about Dakota Fanning. So Dakota, sweetie, if you're reading this, go do something else you normally do. You know, like reading the New York Times Book Review or playing mahjong. Thanks, honey.

I just watched The Goodbye Girl recently, and Marsha Mason says to her kid "You were never four and a half, you were born 26." That's Dakota Fanning. Everybody seems to think she's the second coming of Jodie Foster, but call me blind...I just can't see it. She just doesn't ring true to me as being a genuine kid; she gives off that same vibe of manufactured creepy pseudo-adultness that the Jon Benets of the world do, minus the "sexuality" and whore ensembles.

Dakota's ten years old now, in three years could you possibly see her playing Iris in Taxi Driver like Jodie did at thirteen? I don't hate Dakota Fanning or anything, but she simply doesn't have the range. When Dakota wins two Best Actress Oscars, I'll fully admit I was wrong, but believe me, I won't lose sleep at night worrying about the possibility.

So, Dakota, here's your big chance to convert me. You've got George Romero directing you in an adaptation of a Stephen King book where you basically carry the whole shebang. I beg of thee, on my knees, if you have it in you, please break your streak and play the part as a plucky nine year old girl. It hinges on a kid being alone in the woods, not Michelle Pfeiffer.

Related tune: Don't Believe The Hype by Public Enemy (Real Audio via deadbeatclub.com)

posted by drew on 5/14/2004

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