For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you.

I'm a Family Guy fan, and I'm the first one to say one of the best parts of the show is the pop culture references, be it the Kool Aid guy, Oompa-Loompas, or Mrs. Garrett's boobs. But there's a fine line between homage and outright theft, a lesson I learned after my failed defense of a diamond heist by claiming that it was simply an homage to Mr. Pink.

So when I saw this post on, it certainly made me ask "What the deuce?" Turns out there's a character in Chris Ware's comics named Jimmy Corrigan, and I'll be damned if he doesn't seem too close to comfort to Family Guy's Stewie. See for yourself, read the whole strip, which was from three years before Family Guy first aired and tell me that it doesn't reek of Stewie. I dare ya.

And you have to hand it to Chris Ware, he of the non-litigious, shrugging it off philosophy with quotes like "If I let it get the better of me, I wouldn't get any work done." He's a much better man than I. I know I'd be obsessing nonstop like Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From The Train. Eventually I'd be reduced to shambles, running through traffic and stopping cars all Kevin McCarthy-style in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers screaming about how McFarlane was a big copycat.

This is why I avoid success at all costs, so I won't have to deal with such aggravations.

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posted by drew on 5/13/2004

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