Holy crap! A new video featuring Mr. Brown himself?

I'm a pretty worldly guy, and I thought I had seen everything there was to see under the sun that had Quentin Tarantino in it, including not-so-hot titles like Girl 6 and Destiny Turns On The Radio. But my hubris was based on bed of lies; I found something new featuring QT today.

I received a strange IM from an anonymous person this morning. This wasn't unusual, I get strange IMs all the time, 'tis the hazard of putting your screenname on your website for all to see. I've had my share of bizarro messages: sexual advances with terms that I've had to look up, get-rich-quick-schemes, death threats because I don't have the script to Brown Bunny, you name it, I've gotten an IM about it. So I got this cryptic message that read "Drew. New QT. Keep it up, man." And then he sent this link. I was positive he was telling me in code that there was a new Viagra-type product and trying to get me to go to a site where I would be flooded with information on how I was undesirable because I'm flaccid. Thankfully, my suspicions were totally off-base. Well, I'm not undesirable because I'm flaccid, at least.

It turns out he was giving me the lowdown on a music video for the Leonard Cohen song "Dance Me To The End Of Love" directed by somebody named Aaron Goffman and the stars of the video are Sylvia Binsfeld (don't know her, either) and...you guessed it, Quentin Tarantino. Copyright 1995. The one name I recognize is the cinematographer, Rand Vossler. He's an old buddy of Quentin's, and co-produced Natural Born Killers. But I googled every combination of these names, and there's not a single mention I can find anywhere of this video! Strange, no? It's like in Close Encounters when they found that ship in the middle of the desert except...well, much less dramatic. But still, I love Leonard Cohen anyway, and Quentin Tarantino is indirectly responsible for me and Jen winding up together, so I think it's supercool.

The video itself is a tad dated, and features Leonard Cohen crooning his tune to the visuals of a youthful Quentin and the other chick as newlyweds in a motel. Juxtaposed with their making goo-goo eyes at each other are images of roman statues, Quentin and wifey alternately naked in a house of mirrors, a guy shackled in the rain, yadda yadda.

Sure, watching Quentin in an out-and-out love scene circa 1995 is a hair scarring, and it ain't the best video since Sledgehammer or anything, but it's still sweetness incarnate. Why? Because it came from out of nowhere, like when you find a twenty in a jacket pocket you haven't worn for years, or think that your bag of M&M's is empty, and then one more magically pops out. That M&M is twice as tasty as the others, no?

Related tune: Dance Me To The End Of Love by Leonard Cohen (mp3 via nchronis)

posted by drew on 5/08/2004

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