I can't stand the sight of Ethan Hawke, and yet...

I have to admit, after seeing the trailer, I'm really looking forward to Richard Linklater's Before Sunset starring supercute Julie Delpy and (shudder) Ethan Hawke. Needless to say, it ain't because of Ethan...does that punk even have to shave yet?

But I really do dig Before Sunrise, and since I have a loathing of Ethan, that means the flick had to work extra-hard to win me over. Richard Linklater has the knack for making movies with three-dimensional characters that you wind up truly caring about, and wouldn't mind shooting the breeze with. Cameron Crowe has a similar gift; sadly, it's a pretty small club that they belong to. So by the end of Before Sunrise, you're really hoping that they both honor their pledge and meet back up in six months, barring any renegade crippling taxis.

Back to the Before Sunset trailer. Turns out that even though it seemed impossible that this couple didn't hook back up in the aforementioned six months post-Before Sunrise, that's exactly what happened. Nine years have passed before they're reunited. Why, oh why? I immediately conjured up a theory that she was counting the days 'til their meetup and to kill the time, she read Ash Wednesday and saw Chelsea Walls and thought "Oh, crap! This guy is a pretentious hack! No way, no day am I hooking back up with him!"

But then I remembered that this is only a movie, and after seeing them interact again, the trailer lured me right back into hoping that they wind up together this time. Linklater, you clever bastard. They've got chemistry, those two. Also, the trailer uses the perfect song to evoke mushy feelings: Ivy's Edge Of The Ocean. It's as if the lyrics were custom-written for this flick:

Ohhh, we can begin again.
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in.
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again.

Linklater has hinted that he wants to revisit these two again, and that sounds peachy-keen to me. Hey, it would be frightening/mesmerizing if he let them morph into a Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf sort of couple in the one after this, Delpy turning into a boozewhore, Ethan bellowing "Queen of the Harpies! Queen Of The Harpies!" This is why Linklater doesn't let me pitch scripts to him.

Related tune: Edge Of The Ocean by Ivy (mp3 via thebandivy.com)

posted by drew on 5/06/2004

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