I don't do too much bloggin'...these days.

Not only is the above an accurate representation of my utter sloth, it's also an homage to Nico. Seems the director of Young Adam, David McKenzie, is going to tackle Nico's bio, and that makes me happy. Because I'm an ignorant fool and I needs me movie learnin' on this here singer's life. Seriously.

I'm not man enough to, you know, fix a flat tire or look an authority figure in the eye, but I am man enough to admit that I know nothing about Nico and only discovered her after seeing The Royal Tenenbaums. And man, oh man, the lady can sing. Her melancholy singing voice is not unlike if Isabella Rosselini's dog died, and she shot up some heroin before belting out a number. Not that I've shared any needles with Isabella lately.

So it's guaranteed to be a flick with good tunes, and with Nico's heroin addiction and whatnot, a juicy role for whoever lands it. And who do I think should snag it? Sheesh, that's really tough. I'm usually so opinionated on these things, and this one has me utterly stumped. You're never going to find an actress who looks like Nico, who is one unique looking girl, so no use trying to find a doppleganger. Uma Thurman, maybe? Apple's mom? Sarah Polley? We shall see...

Related tune: These Days by Nico (mp3 via Alex)

posted by drew on 5/26/2004

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