Sometimes, I doubt their commitment to Sparkle Motion.

It truly pains me to say this, but the new Donnie Darko Director's Cut teaser trailer should have been locked behind the cellar door. And this is coming from a die-hard Donnie Darko fan who has converted more unenlightened people to see the light than Mel Gibson could ever dream of.

The problem is that the images are just too damn fast to get any coherence out of 'em. It's all rat-a-tat-tat, no real dialogue, no nada. Even Michael Bay would say that they did too many quick cuts. Donnie Darko is described perfectly in the Mad World lyric "I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad," and this teaser left me with neither. So instead of warming my heart with recognition of scenes I love, it left me oddly distant and bewildered, like Lela Rochon after her quick sexual encounter with Big Poppa in Waiting To Exhale.

So then my next question is, if I, a dyed-in-the-wool Darko fan (Jen had the same reaction), was not inspired by this trailer, what the heck is a person who never saw Donnie Darko in the first place going to think? I can't imagine that a person who hadn't seen it already could watch this trailer and have any motivation to drag their lazy butt to the theater. And isn't the re-release about getting more people to see the flick since absolutely nobody saw it theatrically the first go-round? For a movie about whether one should go back and change history, it sure as heck looks like history is going to repeat itself.

If it were me, I would have just used the original Donnie Darko trailer with a tagline with something to the effect of "Yeah, we know you own it already, but c'mon, seeing Donnie Darko recut with the deleted scenes in a movie theater full of enthusiastic fans like yourself will make it a theatrical experience you'll never forget. P.S. Bring ten friends."

Reason #387 Drew would have never made it in marketing.

Related tune: The Killing Moon by Echo And The Bunnymen (mp3 via sala dark)

posted by drew on 5/31/2004

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