Webby Texicans!

Or in English: Hey, I completely missed that the 2004 Webby nominations have been announced! Is it just me, or does the award look eerily similar to Homer Simpson's olympic mascot Springy, The Olympic Spring? You know, way back in 2000, yours truly was a Webby nominee for his Rama-O-Scripts.

This is one of those facts I tend to frequenly point out to everybody from family, friends, and co-workers to shoe salesmen and probation officers. I recently got pulled over for speeding, and as I opened my mouth to defend my Billy Joel-esque driving, the cop said "If you tell me about your Webby nomination one more time, I swear to freakin' God, I'm going Bad Lieutenant on your ass." Webby nominees be forewarned, your honor will be of no use when it comes to impressing the men and ladies in blue.

I'll never really ever figure out the heck I got nominated, considering I was up against some unknown sites that you probably haven't heard of like something called the Internet Movie Database and ifilm.com. I suspect I didn't get a single vote, considering even my own mother voted for the IMDB. When I asked her about it, I believe she said "Are you kidding me? It's the IMDB!" Providing the script to Little Nicky does not a Drew's mommy impress.

But being a dedicated annual voter, I checked out this year's nominees to see who should receive my oh-so mighty and influental vote in the film category. Needless to say, I was uber-disappointed to see that two of the nominees, Sundance Online Film Fest and Dogville have taken their fancy sites down and have replaced them with weak placeholders instead. That ain't the path to glory, fellas. So that leaves Spellbound, The Dreamers, and The Fog Of War. None of these sites come close to old favorites like Donnie Darko and Requiem For A Dream, but be that as it may, Fog Of War earned my vote. It's got the perfect combo of aesthestics and info that's right up my alley, plus any site with a structure not unlike a See 'n Say earns a special place in my heart. The McNamara says "OOOOOOOOPS."

And my dream has come true since I found the Weird category's A Portrait Of You With Stevie Nicks. I've got the perfect portrait in my head, me standing there on stage with Stevie, with matching flowing black numbers, wind blowing through our hair (naturally), while belting out Stop Dragging My Heart Around. C'mon, that's way better than wasting my dough with a picture of Stevie staring up at the heavens with my cat.

To my dismay, Jen won't let me pony up the $500 to turn this dream into reality. But she'll have her comeuppance once some cash-starved artist comes up with a "Portrait of You With Billy Crudup" site. Muahahaha!

Related tune: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty (mp3 via all about pam)

posted by drew on 5/02/2004

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