The Fahrenheit 9/11 Poster: Muy caliente!

Witness: The new Fahrenheit 9/11 poster (click pic to enlarge), courtesy of Movieweb/Latino Review. You guys should thank me, for 'twas I who convinced Michael Moore that the name Celsius 483.333 was a tad obtuse and didn't exactly roll off the tongue nicely. Of course, he called me on the fact that I was being obtuse by using the word obtuse in the first place. Touche'.

I dig this poster.

The imagery is certainly eye-catching, to say the least, and "the temperature where freedom burns" is efficiently provocative. I'm sure this poster gives more fodder for some anti-Michael Moore people to play pile on and imply that he's some sort of flag burning hater of America out to profit off of the tragedy of others, yadda yadda yadda. I politely disagree, but since this ain't a political blog, I'll keep my politics out of it. Strictly in the context of movie posters, it's a solid poster considering the subject matter. And "this July the fireworks will fly" is catchy in a Johnny Cochran sort of way.

I do have one teensy complaint. What's with the exclamation point after "freedom" and "Palme D'or"? First off, they're too small and non-proportional, but more importantly, why are they there at all? They ring a bit cheesy, like some perky five year old girl snuck in her daddy's office and popped 'em in there when nobody was looking. Is this poster a fake? If it is, tell your children and their children that Drew, a.k.a. Remington Steele, was the first one to call it. Unless somebody else noticed it first.

So watch the trailer if you haven't by now, study the poster, and wait for the fireworks to fly. Hey, not that it's going to happen or anything, but wouldn't it be wild if Fahrenheit 9/11 was up against Passion Of The Christ for the Oscars next year? Billy Crystal wouldn't be lacking in the material department, that's for sure.

Related tune: Burnin' For You By Blue Oyster Cult (mp3 via dreams)

posted by drew on 6/06/2004

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