Adrien Brody, armed and dangerous

I keep seeing Adrien Brody's mug since The Village is coming out today, and though most people associate him with The Pianist or Summer Of Sam, or "the kiss", whenever I see Mr. Brody, I always think of him in Tori Amos' A Sorta Fairytale video. It's a video that you don't quickly forget; trust me on this one. And shockingly, the majority of people I know have never seen this 2002 video off the Scarlet's Walk album. So I figured I'd help do my part to make sure that you, too, will never think of Adrien Brody in quite the same way.

So what's the video about, you ask?

It's almost a remake of the Pianist, but squished into four minutes. Except instead of playing piano maestro Wladyslaw Szpilman during WW2, he's a modern day guy who has an arm instead of a body. Like, Brody head, followed by neck, followed arm. That's it. Naturally, he walks (or more accurately, hops) around on his hand. But as opposed of avoiding Nazis and going through a living hell, he hooks up with Tori Amos. Who happens to be a striking gal who has a leg instead of a body. You can see where the attraction would come from; these people would find each other a party awfully quick, I'd have to think. So they meet, go through their ups and downs, and learn valuable life lessons like if you're a head on a solitary leg, don't wear heels or that it's easy to hitch a ride on a skateboard when you have this particular condition. And, of course, they grow from their experiences together.

Come to think of it, it's not one iota like the Pianist.

Oh, quit criticizing my analogy skills and just watch the damned thing already.

A Sorta Fairytale (Real via

A Sorta Fairytale (Windows Media via

A Sorta Fairytale (Quicktime via

Related tune: A Sorta Fairytale (well, duh) by Tori Amos (mp3 via

posted by drew on 7/29/2004

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