Forget Theresa Russell, Drew is the consummate whore.

Me blog you long time.
Pop quiz, hotshot. You have a blog that you're incredibly slack about updating. You can either post more often, or lose every single person who was ever masochistic enough to actually read your fluff in the first place. What do you do? What do you do?

Do a guest post on somebody else's blog that you already dig, of course. I'm incredibly easy; all Tagline had to do was say a couple of nice things, and whammo! I'm giving 'em free content every once in a while before I post it here. Whereas I'm sure my writing has at least the value of a Zagnut bar from 1996. I need better representation. Have no fear though, I'm not going anywhere. This is still my home sweet home where my musings reside and besides, I'd have to pay a year's rent if I attempted to break the lease.

So, go check out my brand-spanking-new post about Ong Bak right here at Tagline. Then come back here before I get abandonment issues. And could you pick up Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio while you're out? You're a doll.

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posted by drew on 7/26/2004

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Obviously, I'm not trying to re-invent the movie blog wheel here. I'm just never lacking in opinions about movies, pop culture, news, and other assorted hoohah. And my mailman has put a restraining order on me, so here's my place to vent.

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