Forget Woodward and Bernstein, it's MSN time, baby!

Because my start page is MSN, I'm the most in-the-know person you might ever come across in your entire life. When I'm at a party, everyone circles around me, gazing with admiration and awe, as I regale them with the oh-so-juicy info that MSN provides me. Just like my Crest Whitening Strips and my regular Botox injections, it's yet another secret ingredient in my recipe for success. MSN covers the stories that are just way too tough and controversial for wussy competing media outlets. Don't believe me? Just check out the #2 news story that's on their site this very moment.

Fake e-mails fool users.

I smell Pulitzer. The very fabric of our society might come crumbling down once people become aware of these "fake e-mails" and their ability to bamboozle.

I have it from an inside source some of the future stories that MSN is working on this very moment, and since I love you all like you my own, I thought I'd share these upcoming MSN headlines with you. Humble and giving, that's Drew for you.

Survey Results: Ticket Prices Too High
Digital Video Disc Sales On The Rise
Exclusive: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez May Not Wed
Study Reveals Percentage Of People Use Internet For Pornography
Shocking But True: Eating "Low Carb" May Cause Weight Loss

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posted by drew on 7/28/2004

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