Methinks there's too much litter on the net.

Catwoman sucks. The reviews are slicing and dicing it quicker than that horse-kabob in The Cell. But I noticed a disturbing trend in the reviews and talk of the film that I suspected might occur, so being the bored soul that I am, I decided to Google these three words:

catwoman halle litter

I figured this would narrow it down and give me only instances where a person was talking about Halle Berry's Catwoman movie, and not Halle's retched performance in Swordfish or some kook who named her feline Catwoman and likes to talk about her pooping habits. So, how many Google hits did I come with using the holy trinity of "catwoman halle litter"?

782 freakin' results. Can we have a moment of silence for the death of creativity, please?

"Belongs in the litter box..."
"Ewwww, who spilled the litter box?"
"Verdict: Kitty Litter"
"It's bitter litter"
"I've smelled 2 week old kitty litter..."
"time to clean out the litter box."
"the hidden poop you find in kitty litter."

And on, and on, and on. Must we all rely on the same tired, beat-to-death cat jokes in order to speak of this film? Could the 781st person possibly have thought that they were breaking new ground with a litter reference? Did they chuckle to themselves and say "Damn, I'm one clever mofo." Oh, the humanity!

Ummm...I've just been informed that I posted about Catwoman back in May and in said post I joked about Catwoman and made a kitty litter reference.

Is it too late to delete this entry?

Related tune: Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent (mp3 via

posted by drew on 7/24/2004

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